Widening works progress

17 March 2017

Works on the Tullamarine Freeway between Bulla Road and Melrose Drive are about to begin

Now that English Street bridge has been rebuilt, works can commence underneath on the Tullamarine Freeway between Bulla Road and Melrose Drive to create an extra lane in each direction.

These works will include a number of improvements in the local area, such as:

  1. A new signalised pedestrian crossing on the southern side of the Bulla Road intersection to improve pedestrian access between Essendon North and Strathmore.
  2. An extension of the English Street exit ramp for northbound traffic accessing Essendon Fields and Airport West. This extension begins at the Bulla Road exit and removes the weave between traffic exiting to English Street and traffic from Bulla Road merging onto the freeway.
  3. Finalisation of the new lane configuration on the English Street bridge including extra dedicated right-turn lanes onto the freeway in both directions, creating extra capacity and improved safety. The bridge upgrade also includes improved signage, feature lighting and shared-user paths for pedestrians and cyclists.
  4. Freeway management systems at Bulla Road and English Street to improve the traffic flow on the Tullamarine Freeway.
  5. Replacement pedestrian bridges restoring additional pedestrian access between the important business precincts Airport West and Essendon Fields.

How will the construction program affect you?

Preliminary works, such as barrier placement, surveying and service location will be taking place over the coming weeks.

The impacts during construction will be minimal, but there will be vegetation removal, lane closures and ramp closures, night works and temporary speed limit changes. Lendlease will be in touch with local residents ahead of any works taking place.

For more information, call 1300 783 947 (press 2) or email citylinktullawidening@roads.vic.gov.au.