Vaughan Street bridge delay

23 March 2017

The Vaughan Street pedestrian bridge will now open in May

Due to unexpected delays, the Vaughan Street pedestrian bridge in Essendon Fields will now reopen in May.

We understand that the current arrangement is adding to your travel time and we apologise for the further delay.

In the meantime, pedestrians can still access Essendon Fields by using English Street bridge.

If you're travelling to Essendon Fields by tram, you'll see signs guiding you to cross back over Matthews Avenue and walk to the English Street interchange.

Pedestrian signals will then allow you to cross safely over to the northern footpath of English Street bridge.

Once you've crossed English Street bridge, you'll see another signalised pedestrian crossing on the eastern (Essendon Fields) side of the bridge. 

Pedestrian buttons for this crossing can't be installed until the path has been raised to the final surface level, but the lights are on an automatic timer and will allow for regular pedestrian crossings.

Timing for the replacement of the Earl Street pedestrian bridge is yet to be finalised, and we will share any further information as it becomes available.

We appreciate your patience as we work to upgrade this complex intersection.