Switched on

1 December 2017

Melbourne's first freeway to freeway ramp signals will start operating during the morning peak on Tuesday

The CityLink Tulla Widening project will reach an important milestone next week when freeway to freeway ramp signalling is switched on where CityLink meets the West Gate Freeway.

The signals will start operating during the morning peak period on Tuesday, 5 December.

In a similar way to traditional ramp metering, signals will regulate traffic as it moves from CityLink onto the West Gate Freeway, resulting in fewer collisions and reduced congestion for all drivers.

The signals will automatically switch on during periods of heavy traffic, collecting traffic data, volumes, and distances between cars to make it easier and faster to merge.

Drivers will enjoy fewer delays, safer freeway merging and a reduction in stop-start journeys, which currently cause frustration when heavy freeway traffic attempts to merge onto a different freeway.

This technology will be rolled out across a further eight freeway interchanges across Melbourne in the coming months.