New technologies installed

22 September 2016

The project's state-of-the-art freeway management system continues to progress

From Monday morning, drivers travelling on CityLink towards Melbourne Airport will notice that three new overhead signage structures – known as gantries – have been installed between Dynon Road and Racecourse Road, each holding four Lane Use Management Signs, known as LUMS.

Although small in size, the LUMS are an important project milestone. 

They are the first of over 300 new signs to be installed as part of the state-of-the-art freeway management system between Melbourne Airport and Power Street. 

The signs will help manage traffic incidents and congestion by informing drivers of a change in speed limit and lane closures using real-time information.

Over the next 12 months, we'll need to close sections of the CityLink and Tullamarine Freeway at night time to create large, safe work zones for our crews to install infrastructure for the freeway management system. 

LUMS are only one of several integral technologies – including electronic variable message signs, ramp metering systems, automatic incident detection and surveillance cameras – that our workers will thoroughly commission during these road closures.

With new gantries and electronic signage popping up along the CityLink and Tullamarine Freeway almost every day, drivers are reminded to pay attention to existing road signage for correct speed limits and directional information.

The new freeway management system – including LUMS – will not go live until early 2018 after it has completed extensive checks.

We appreciate your patience while we work to increase capacity, reduce travel times and improve safety on CityLink and the Tullamarine Freeway.