New Bell Street bridge opens

16 May 2017

Pedestrians and cyclists were the first to use the new bridge, with drivers following on 30 May

Drivers will have a smoother and safer run from Bell Street to Pascoe Vale Road, with a 275-metre bridge over CityLink providing a dedicated local connection.

The bridge also removes a dangerous blind-side merge, which has resulted in around 30 crashes since 2000.

The existing bridge will be turned into a dedicated outbound entry ramp to the CityLink-Tullamarine Freeway, with an extra lane being added over the coming months to reduce congestion on Bell Street.

What you'll notice

There will be a few changes to how drivers, cyclists and pedestrians move through the Bell Street interchange.

For pedestrians and cyclists (From 20 May)

Access to the footpath on the existing bridge will be permanently removed when the shared-use path on the new bridge opens.

For drivers (From 30 May)

Drivers heading west on Bell Street will either take the new bridge to access Pascoe Vale Road or the existing bridge to access the outbound entry ramp to the CityLink-Tullamarine Freeway.

Temporary on-road signage will be in place to help guide drivers. 

There's still a lot of work to be done

The Bell Street interchange upgrades are on track to be finished by late 2017.

Once complete, drivers will experience the full benefits of new lanes and smart technologies. 

Over the next few months, crews will work hard to complete broader works in the area, including:

  • Adding an extra lane to the existing bridge to provide more space for drivers getting onto the freeway, reducing queues on busy Bell Street
  • Adding ramp signals to better control traffic flow and help drivers merge more safely onto the freeway

To complete our works, we'll continue to schedule freeway, ramp and lane closures at night only to make sure we don't impact your trips during the day time.

Keep up to date with scheduled closures by visiting the project website or following @CityLinkMelb and @VicTraffic on Twitter. 

Thanks for your patience during CityLink Tulla Widening works. We're on track to bring you more lanes and a safer freeway in 2018.