New lanes opening on CityLink and West Gate Freeway

12 October 2017

In late October, the CityLink Tulla Widening project will open new lanes months ahead of schedule

Drivers will have a better run on CityLink and the West Gate Freeway, when we open all remaining new lanes between Bulla Road and Power Street in the coming weeks.

This is a significant milestone for the project, with crews working day and night to finish the lanes months ahead of schedule.

In late October, we'll be rolling out:

  • New lanes on CityLink in both directions between Flemington Road and Bulla Road to help ease congestion and improve travel times in and out of the city.
  • A new freeway management system to improve safety and keep traffic flowing through this newly widened section of road.
  • A new inbound lane on the West Gate Freeway from the Bolte Bridge to the Burnley Tunnel to create extra space where it’s needed most and cut queues back on the Bolte Bridge.

These improvements will make your journeys safer and more reliable.