West Gate Freeway closed this Saturday night

19 June 2017

Heading to the South Eastern suburbs via the West Gate Freeway on Saturday night? There will be delays so you need to plan ahead and allow extra time for your journey.

West Gate Freeway eastbound closed 24 June 11.30pm - 7.30am between Cook Street and Montague Street

During this closure, all freeway traffic coming from the West Gate Bridge will have to leave the freeway at Cook Street. All traffic heading south on the Bolte Bridge will have to take the Geelong / West Gate Bridge exit.

Detours (described below) to Bolte Bridge, Lorimer Street and Kings Way when the West Gate Freeway is closed eastbound. Also detour from Bolte Bridge (southbound) to the West Gate Freeway.

Find out more about the detours to get to Lorimer Street, Kings Way and back onto the West Gate Freeway before the tunnels.