Major changes this weekend

17 July 2017

Access to Bell Street will permanently change, while a Bolte Bridge exit ramp will be closed for 24 hours

A major change will take place this weekend, impacting your access to Bell Street from both the Tullamarine and Calder Freeways. 

On Saturday, the current Bell Street exit will permanently close and a new separated road will open, providing you with dedicated access to Bell Street.

If you're driving on the Tulla, you'll need to take the current Bulla Road exit and stick to the right to join the new separated lanes to Bell Street.

And if you're on the Calder, you'll need to take a new exit where the Tullamarine Freeway meets the Calder Freeway to join the new separated lanes to Bell Street.

We will be also be closing the exit ramp on the Bolte Bridge for the Burnley Tunnel / South Eastern Suburbs for 24 hours this weekend.

The ramp will be closed from 11pm this Saturday until 11pm the following Sunday night.

Multiple detour routes will be in place to keep you moving as quickly and safely as possible.

Several additional ramp closures are also scheduled for this week. Visit our Drivers page and scroll down to the map for further information.