First new lanes open on the Bolte Bridge

20 March 2017

CityLink regular? If you're one of the 200,000 drivers who use the road each day, you'll notice some big changes between Flemington Road and the West Gate Freeway from 1 April 2017

Drivers will be able to access nearly 9 kilometres of extra lanes from 1 April as we open the first new lanes added to CityLink.

From the early hours of Saturday morning, if you're heading to or from the CBD on CityLink between Flemington Road and the West Gate Bridge, you'll now have an additional traffic lane available to use each way, including on the Bolte Bridge. 

We'll also be switching on the first elements of the state-of-the-art freeway management system we're installing in this section of road.

What you'll notice

We're making a few changes to how you use this stretch of CityLink from 1 April: 

  • four running traffic lanes in each direction instead of three
  • speed limits will remain at 80km/hr 
  • emergency lanes have been removed
  • overhead digital lane use signs will be switched on to alert you if a lane is closed ahead or direct you into a new lane if required
  • CCTV cameras in operation to spot and respond to and respond to any issues on the road as quickly and safely as possible

What to do if you break down

The team at CityLink knows accidents and breakdowns can be frustrating, which is why they've introduced a new fleet of rapid response vehicles on CityLink to clear road incidents quickly and safely so that they can keep everyone moving.

Here's what to do if you break down in this upgraded section of CityLink:

  • pull over to the side of the road if it's safe to do so 
  • stay in your vehicle and turn your hazard lights on 
  • we'll send a crew to help you.

CityLink's got you covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There's still a lot of work to be done

The Bolte Bridge to Power Street upgrades are on track to be finished by late 2017 and once complete, drivers will experience the full benefits of new lanes and smart technologies. 

Over the next few months, crews will work hard to complete broader upgrade works between the Bolte Bridge and Power Street including:

  • adding an extra lane on the Bolte Bridge to Burnley Tunnel exit ramp to help cut long queues
  • adding an extra inbound lane on the West Gate Freeway for drivers travelling towards the Burnley Tunnel

We'll continue to schedule freeway, ramp and lane closures needed to complete our works at night only to make sure we don't impact your trips during the day time.

Keep up to date with upcoming closures and scheduled works by visiting the project website or following @CityLinkMelb or @VicTraffic on Twitter. 

Thanks for your patience during CityLink Tulla Widening works. We're on track to bring you more lanes and a safer freeway in 2018.