Final tree removed on Flemington Road

27 July 2016

More than 150,000 trees and shrubs will be planted as part of the CityLink Tulla Widening project.

The final lemon-scented gum on Flemington Road was yesterday removed and CityLink Tulla Widening works can now continue.

As part of the project, this extremely complex interchange will be upgraded to ease congestion and improve safety; there have been 12 crashes in the last five years with three serious injuries in the past year alone.

The project team has been engaging with the community on this issue for more than 18 months and has assessed several of their alternative design options, which unfortunately do not meet Australian road safety standards without acquiring homes or restructuring the tram network.

A number of safety issues were considered in reviewing the design options, including lane width, road curve, speed limit and footpath width.

The project also investigated the possibility of transplanting or relocating the tree through extensive arborist consultation. The arborists have advised that the Eucalypt species is unlikely to survive the removal and transplant process, due to the damage it will sustain during relocation.

In recognition of the great value of the tree, the project has made a donation to the City of Melbourne's Urban Forest Fund and is committed to planting 150,000 trees and shrubs once works are complete.