Freeway management system rollout continues

20 April 2018

We've switched on the signals on CityLink's entry ramps.

A major component of our project is the new freeway management system (FMS).

The FMS allows us to manage the flow of traffic. This reduces congestion, improves safety and makes your travel times more consistent.

You'll already have seen the overhead lane-use management signs. They let you know the current speed and, when there's an incident ahead, tell you when a lane is closed.

As part of the continued rollout of the FMS, we've switched on the signals on the entry ramps at:

  • Bell Street (outbound)
  • Bell Street / Pascoe Vale Road (inbound)
  • Brunswick Road (outbound)
  • Bulla Road (inbound)
  • Dynon Road (outbound)
  • Footscray Road (inbound and outbound)
  • Flemington Road (outbound)
  • Moreland Road (inbound)
  • Racecourse Road (inbound)

The signals help control the flow of traffic onto the motorway. Merging is much easier and traffic on the motorway is able to maintain a higher speed. This reduces the slow-downs and congestion that we often experience at the end of the entry ramps.

In peak times, this might mean you'll take a little longer to get onto the motorway. But this will be more than made up for by the faster flowing traffic on the motorway itself.

We've also added plenty of extra space to the ramps to help prevent congestion on the approach roads.

The signals will generally only operate when traffic is heavy. Message signs on the ramp will let you know when they are on.

And remember, only one vehicle in each lane should enter the motorway on a green signal.

We will switch on the Calder Freeway and Tullamarine Freeway ramp signals later in the year.