Changes to Montague Street access

11 July 2017

From 13 July, you'll notice changes to the way you exit at Montague Street from the West Gate Freeway

Are you a West Gate Freeway regular? We've introduced changes to how you access Montague Street when you're travelling towards the city.

  • If you're looking to access Montague Street from the West Gate Freeway, you need to take the Kings Way exit, and stay in the right lane. The Montague Street exit will be on you right. 
  • If you miss the exit, you will need to continue on the freeway and exit at Power Street. This should only add a few extra minutes to your trip. 
  • If you're travelling towards the city on the West Gate Freeway and looking to access Lorimer Street, you need to take the changed Montague Street exit. Barriers will prevent direct access from the West Gate Freeway.

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There is plenty of on-road signage to help you choose your lane early, so be sure to stay alert and follow the directions.

While everyone gets used to these changes, we'll be slowing you down, and we're asking drivers to be patient and stick to the reduced speed limits.

These changes are the final stage in our upgrade to the West Gate Freeway, as we prepare to roll out a new lane from the Bolte Bridge to the Burnley Tunnel.

Once complete at the end of the year, this upgrade will ease congestion and improve travel times.