Changes at Bulla Road entry ramp

24 April 2017

As works enter the next stage, Bulla Road drivers will see some changes to how they access CityLink and Bell Street.

If you're driving towards the city next week via the Bulla Road entry ramp, you'll notice some changes to how you access CityLink and Bell Street:

  • If you're heading towards the CBD, you'll travel on a new separated road for around two kilometres before joining onto CityLink just after Pascoe Vale Road.
  • If you're looking to exit at Bell Street, you'll also travel on the new separated road before gaining direct access to the Bell Street exit ramp.
  • If you are already on the freeway, there is no change to how you access Bell Street

Map showing diversion of traffic using the Bulla Road inbound entry ramp onto the Bell Street exit ramp

Download a print-friendly version of this map. PDF, 592.9 KB

On-road signage will help guide drivers safely through the changed traffic conditions.

What's next?

Crews will work hard over the next couple of months to continue works to connect the Calder and Tullamarine freeways to the new separated road.

When these final works are finished, Tullamarine Freeway drivers will need to take a new, early exit to access Bell Street.

The separated road from Calder/Tullamarine interchange to Bell Street is on track to be finished by mid-2017.