Managing traffic disruption

We want to minimise our impact on you as much as possible.

We are keeping all freeway lanes open during the peak periods. But we do have reduced speed limits for your and our workers' safety.

You need to be alert. Traffic conditions are changing frequently. Plan your journey in advance and allow a little more travelling time.

How we are managing traffic during the project

We prepare a management plan for every activity that impacts on the freeway or adjacent roads. The plan considers traffic volumes and flow to determine the best way to manage any changes.

As well as ensuring safety, we aim to minimise inconvenience by:

  • maintaining the number of running lanes during the day
  • minimising the duration of temporary road/lane closures
  • scheduling activities outside of peak times when possible.

Traffic management varies depending on the location and complexity of our construction work. Our traffic management measures may include:

  • installation of static and electronic signage to guide you through changed traffic conditions
  • temporary lane and road closures
  • reducing speed limits
  • installation of safety barriers to separate construction activities from the road network.

We do need to close the freeway

We do need to close the freeway for major construction activities such as beam lifts.

We schedule these closures outside of peak hours, whenever possible, and make them as short as possible. But closing a freeway has major impacts particularly along the detour routes.

We advertise freeway closures well in advance to allow you to plan ahead.

How we are communicating traffic changes

We are providing advanced notice about traffic changes using a range of tools including:

  • variable message signs on the freeway and local roads
  • letters delivered to local residents
  • advertisements in local newspapers and on radio
  • information on websites including this site and VicRoads
  • notices on social media including @victraffic Twitter account
  • email notifications to stakeholders and road user groups.


If you have any questions then contact us on 1300 783 947 or