West Gate Freeway eastbound diversion via Kings Way

Map showing diversion for traffic travelling eastbound on the West Gate Freeway between Graham Street and Moray Street.

Download a print-friendly version of this detour map PDF, 634.6 KB.

Diversion details

When we close the West Gate Freeway eastbound (towards the tunnels) between Graham Street and Moray Street, you will be diverted onto the Kings Way exit ramp. If you are heading for the South East suburbs then you'll be able to rejoin the West Gate Freeway after Moray Street.

We'll also be closing the ramp from the Bolte Bridge to the South Eastern suburbs. To head to the Burnley Tunnel or Power Street, take the Lorimer Street / Kings Way exit ramp on the Bridge and follow the detour.

Please note that the Montague Street eastbound entry ramp will be closed from 9pm.


If you have any questions about these works then contact us at 1300 783 947 (select option 1) or