Strathmore Secondary College

Over recent months, you will have seen some big changes around the borders of Strathmore Secondary College.

As we continue to build a new safer connection between Bell Street and Pascoe Vale Road, we would like to update you on progress let you know what to expect in the coming months.

New classrooms for Strathmore 

New state-of-the-art classrooms

The Department of Education and Training and the CityLink Tulla Widening project contributed $2.78 million to fund the building of three state-of-the-art double-storey buildings, housing 12 classrooms.

Installed in August and September 2016, the relocatable buildings are located further from the school's boundary, replacing six older classrooms. 

The new buildings provide teachers and students with a modern learning environment including noise-dampening insulation and double-glazed windows.

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Artists impression showing a birds-eye view of the college, the new classrooms and the upgraded interchange including the new Bell Street to Pascoe Vale Road bridge.

How will upcoming impacts be managed?

While there will be plenty of works happening near the school, we will continue to keep the wellbeing of students and staff front of mind. These efforts have so far included:

  1. Installing a new fence around the school boundary to provide a visual barrier between classrooms and our worksites
  2. Providing funding to relocate students for important exams and to relocate important outdoor education and sporting activities
  3. Scheduling as many of our noisy works as possible during school holidays and during the least disruptive hours of the school day
  4. Working closely with the school to review our construction program and provide as much notice as possible about upcoming works
  5. Maintaining access to the school throughout our works

Reducing noise during construction

We're doing all we can to minimise the impacts of construction. But there will be unavoidable noisy works over the coming months.

To reduce noise as much as possible during construction, we are:

  • Installing noise reduction measures on machinery where possible.
  • Communicating regularly with the College to provide early warning of any potentially disruptive works.
  • Carrying out regular checks on equipment and ensuring machines are not left running idle.

The construction team recently conducted noise monitoring at the boundary of the construction site. Noise has not exceeded the levels established for safe working conditions as prescribed by the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007.

We are continuing to check construction noise on a regular basis.

Dust monitoring during construction

We are using a range of measures to minimise dust:

  • use of a commercial dust suppressant, Dustex, on the crushed rock surfaces storage areas and connecting roads
  • use of water carts as required to help suppress dust.

We've installed dust monitoring devices on the classroom closest to the construction. The devices will track dust levels to ensure the dust suppression measures are working.

Shared user path detour

If you have recently cycled or walked along the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail on the east side of the school, you may have come across the temporary detour we have installed beginning at the railway bridge. The diversion directs cyclists and pedestrians along Wallace Crescent untilit reconnects with the trail.

The temporary detour will be removedas soon as our works are completed in the area.

Keeping up to date

We will continue to work closely with the Department of Education and Training and Strathmore Secondary College to ensure parents and students are kept informed about construction works.

The CityLink Tulla Widening team provides fortnightly updates that show where and when construction is happening near the school.

Newsletters & updates

You can also keep up to date through our regular newsletter for the College community:


Listen to Project Director, Peter Holcombe Henley, answer questions about the project's impact on the College.


If you have any questions or comments about what's happening near the College, contact us at 1300 783 947 (select option 1) or