Community Notices

We often drop notices of upcoming works into the letter boxes of impacted residents.

Below you'll find a list of all the notices that we have delivered:

Airport to Bulla RoadNov 2016Community update
Airport West / Essendon FieldsDec 2016Closure of English Street bridge
English Street bridge update
Albion Street, Moonee PondsJul 2016Noise wall panels installation
Bell Street / Greenbank Crescent, Pascoe Vale SouthNov 2015Construction activities
Bell Street to Pascoe Vale Road, StrathmoreJul 2016Overnight works on new bridge
Bent Street, North MelbourneJul 2016Noise wall demolition and construction
Boundary Road, ParkvilleFeb 2017Update on access to Boundary Road
Brunswick West, Moreland Road exit rampSep 2016Vegetation removal
Nov 2016Vegetation removal
Bulla Road, StrathmoreJul 2016Overnight works and beam lift
Sep 2016Works update
Jan 2017Construction works update
Bulla Road inbound entry ramp, StrathmoreSep 2016Overnight piling works
Bulla Road outbound entry ramp, Essendon NorthMay 2017Night works
Jun 2017Night works and closures
Bulla Road outbound exit ramp, StrathmoreJul 2016Services location and verification
Sep 2016Drainage works and piling
Carrick Drive, Gladstone ParkMay 2017Night works
Collier Park, Mascoma Street, Strathmore HeightsJun 2016Site establishment
Nov 2016Beam delivery
Night works
Dec 2016Beam delivery
Jan 2017Works update
Mar 2017Night works
Cook Street, Port MelbourneMar 2016Geotech survey night works
Nov 2015Service proving works
Coonans Road, Pascoe Vale SouthJan 2017Construction and noisewall works
Coventry Street, Gowanbrae Mar 2017Start of works freeway widening
Dawson Street, Brunswick WestJul 2016Noise wall demolition and construction
Douglas Street / Turner Street, Port MelbourneFeb 2016Property and site investigations
Earl Street, Airport WestJun 2016Temporary removal of pedestrian bridge
Earl Street / Matthews Avenue, Airport WestSep 2016Relocation of high voltage cable
English Street, Airport West / Essendon FieldsSep 2016Bridge enabling works and closures
Mar 2017Exit ramps start of works
Apr 2017Tree removal
Evans Street, Moonee PondsDec 2015Installation of ITS pole
Nov 2016Construction noise
First Avenue, StrathmoreMay 2017Vegetation removal
Flemington Road, ParkvilleNov 2015Geotech investigation works
Removal of vegetation around exit ramp
Dec 2015Site investigations
Mar 2016Removal of lemon scented gums
Jun 2016Removal of lemon scented gums
Jan 2017Noisy night works
Gaffney Street, Kernan Street, Parker Street, Hayes Parade, Pascoe ValeMay 2016Transportation of large, heavy vehicle
Gladstone ParkMar 2017Land Use Agreement letter
GowanbraeNov 2016Community update
Greenbank Crescent, Pascoe Vale SouthNov 2015Construction activities - correction letter
Street closure
Sep 2016Temporary closure
Jan 2017Truck movements
Green Gully Road, Keilor Jun 2016Night works
Sep 2016 Information session invitation
Upcoming works on nearby Calder Freeway entry ramp
Dec 2016Tree removal on exit ramp
Jan 2017Tree removal on entry ramp
Night works
Keilor, Green GullyMar 2017Power cable relocation and Calder Freeway closure
Keilor Park Drive, Keilor ParkJun 2017Night works, ramp closure
Kernan Road, Pascoe Vale SouthSep 2016Unscheduled truck movements
Jan 2017Vehicle movements
McNamara Avenue, Airport WestJun 2017Night works and closures
Mascoma Street, Strathmore Mar 2017Start of works freeway widening
Matthews Avenue / York Street, Airport WestApr 2017ITS works
Meaden Street, SouthbankOct 2015Start of site compound construction
Mickleham Road, Gladstone Park / TullamarineJun 2016Works update
Moonee Ponds Creek (near Pascoe Vale Road), EssendonFeb 2016Temporary removal of noise wall
Moonee Ponds Creek (between Waxman Parade and Evans Street), Brunwsick West / Moonee PondsApr 2016Bridge widening
Moorna Drive, Airport WestJun 2016Night works
Jun 2017Night works and closures
Moorna Drive / Fullarton Road, Airport WestJan 2017Ramp widening works
Feb 2017Installation of power cables
Moreland Road to Bell StreetDec 2015Construction activities
Mount Alexander Road, Flemington / TravancoreMar 2016Relocation of water main (preliminary works)
Mar 2016Relocation of water main (actual works)
Jan 2017Major construction works
Normanby Road, SouthbankJun 2016Noisy night-time driven piling works
North EssendonMar 2017Next stage of works
Northern Area (Strathmore, North Essendon, Pascoe Vale, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Brunswick West)Mar 2016Construction update
Apr 2016Major construction
Parkville, Flemington Road exit rampSep 2016Drainage works
Parkville, freeway between Brunswick Road and Flemington Road exit rampJul 2016Night works - drainage
Aug 2016Night works
Parkville, Moonee Ponds Creek pondMar 2016New retaining wall and pavement construction
Parkville, Mount Alexander Road bridgeJun 2016Piling works
Parkville, Mount Alexander Road to Church StreetNov 2016Noisy night works
Pascoe Vale Road, GlenroyDec 2016Temporary clearway
Pascoe Vale Road, StrathmoreOct 2015Start of construction of site compound
Dec 2015Changed traffic conditions
Dec 2015Construction activities
Mar 2016Night works
Apr 2016Piling works
Jun 2016Removal of trees from site compound
Night work
Oct 2016Night works under bridge; road closure
Nov 2016Construction noise near bridge
Pascoe Vale Road exit ramp, StrathmoreJul 2016Overnight works
Pascoe Vale SouthJun 2016Replacement of guard rail
Piling works
Pattison Street, Moonee PondsSep 2016Incident response building services
Peacock Street, Brunswick WestJul 2016Noise wall panels installation
Roland Avenue, StrathmoreJul 2016Noise wall removal
Noise wall removal cancellation
Ronald Street / Thelma Street, Essendon NorthMay 2017Gantry intslallation, ITS works
Sharps Road, TullamarineApr 2016Establishment of site compound
StrathmoreJun 2016Full closure of freeway
Strathmore / Pascoe Vale South, Bell Street bridgeNov 2016Beam lifts
Jan 2017Construction update
Travancore, Flemington Road entry rampNov 2016Noisy night works
Travancore Park, Flemington / TravancoreNov 2015Noise wall modifications
Travancore Park, Moonee Ponds CreekMar 2016Noise wall construction works
Vaughan Street, Essendon FieldsJun 2016Temporary removal of pedestrian bridge
Wallace Crescent, StrathmoreSep 2016Works update
Waxman Parade, Brunswick WestFeb 2016Services connection works
West Gate Freeway, SouthbankNov 2015Drilling night works
Jan 2016Night works
Apr 2016Noisy piling works
West Gate Freeway, Port MelbourneJun 2016Major works
Jun 2016Night works - demolition, piling, concrete
Jul 2016Night works - pavement, ground investigations
West Gate Freeway, South MelbourneJul 2016Nights works - construction and demolition
Wheeler Street, Pascoe Vale SouthFeb 2016Installation of ITS pole
Wilson Street, Moonee PondsJul 2016Noise wall panels installation
Winona Grove, Pascoe Vale SouthJan 2017Noise wall upgrade
Woodland Street / Wallace Crescent, StrathmoreSep / Oct 2016 Temporary parking restrictions
Woodland Street to Bell Street, StrathemoreJan 2017Construction works update