Mickleham Road interchange upgrade

Map showing the upgrades to the Mickleham Road interchange.

Map showing the upgrades to the Mickleham Road interchange.

About the project

The interchange struggles to cope with current demand. Heavy weaving and a high volume of merges at entry ramps causes congestion in peak hours. The entry from Mickleham Road can back up for kilometres.

We are upgrading the interchange to reduce weaving and ease congestion. We are also making it easier to access the Tullamarine Freeway.

This will help the interchange cope with the current and future demand. It will also provide more reliable travel times for local residents and those accessing the airport.

About the interchange upgrade

The upgrade will include:

  • a new, dedicated lane between Mickleham Road and the M80 Ring Road
  • a new lane from the Tullamarine Freeway to the M80 before the Mickleham Road entry
  • an extra lane on the Mickleham Road entry to the Tullamarine Freeway
  • new ramp signals on the Mickleham Road entry
  • elevating the Tullamarine Freeway link to the M80 to cross over Mickleham Road.

Once the interchange upgrade is complete, road users will benefit from:

  • reduced weaving on the freeway
  • additional lanes to accommodate the volumes of traffic, including in the surrounding growth areas
  • less congestion
  • more reliable travel times along the length of the freeway.

Fact sheets

The following print-friendly fact sheets are available:


If you have any questions about what's happening at Mickleham Road then please contact us on 1300 783 947 (select option 2) or citylinktullawidening@roads.vic.gov.au.