Changes to Bulla Road northbound

We are creating a new separated road to English Street. This will allow much safer access to English Street from the Tullamarine Freeway.

This requires changes to Bulla Road. We've already lengthened the Bulla Road bridge. Now we've replaced the entry ramps for the Calder and Tullamarine Freeways.

Getting to the Calder and Tullamarine Freeways entry ramp

We've removed the dangerous merge on the ramp. This makes getting onto the ramp easier and safer for everyone.

From the bridge and DFO

We've moved the right-hand turn onto the ramp back along the bridge. It is still controlled by traffic signals but you now get right-of-way. No more looking over your left shoulder and trying to merge with traffic heading north on Bulla Road.

From Bulla Road heading northbound

We've installed new traffic signals close to the entry ramp. This allowed us to remove the dangerous merge with traffic turning right from the bridge.

It will also provide a safe pedestrian crossing much closer to the bridge.

At the signals, Bulla Road is now five lanes. Three go left and provide access to the entry ramp. Two continue north on the bridge, one for access to DFO and one for access to CityLink and Bell Street.

The new signals will cause a small increase in your travel time, especially at peak times.

Getting to DFO from Bulla Road

Apart from the new traffic signals, there is no change for northbound traffic heading to DFO.

It is important for you to get into the correct lane on Bulla Road as early as possible.

Continuing south on Bulla Road from the bridge / DFO

There is no change for southbound traffic continuing onto Bulla Road.

New pedestrian crossings

When the works are completed, the new northbound and southbound signals will include pedestrian crossings. These will enable you to cross Bulla Road between Strathmore and Essendon North much closer to the bridge and DFO.

Please take care as you get used to the changes.


If you have any questions about this detour then contact us on 1300 783 947 (select option 2) or ctwairporttobulla@lendlease.com.