English Street earlier exit

About the project

We’re creating a new dedicated exit for northbound traffic to access Essendon Fields and Airport West via English Street. The new exit will begin at Bulla Road, 2.3km earlier than the current exit.

Project benefits

Once the new road is complete, the community will benefit from:

  • Reduced congestion on the Tullamarine Freeway as English Street-bound traffic will no longer be able to queue back onto the mainline
  • Improved traffic flow at the Bulla Road and English Street interchanges, contributing to better travel times
  • Reduced travel times between Melbourne Airport and Melbourne’s centre and east
  • Improved liveability in Melbourne by reducing traffic volumes on parallel arterial and local roads adjacent to the Tullamarine Freeway
  • Removal of the current weave at the English Street outbound exit ramp through a new dedicated ramp for Matthews Avenue/English Street traffic at Bulla Road
  • Removal of the current weave at the Bulla Road intersection through the addition of a new signalised entry ramp for Matthews Avenue/English Street and Tullamarine Freeway drivers travelling outbound
  • Improved pedestrian access between Essendon North and Strathmore through a signalised pedestrian crossing between the east and west sides of Bulla Road
  • Reduced noise for residents of First Avenue, Strathmore through the construction of a concrete noise wall
  • Landscaping improvements to the Bulla Road intersection

Project update

Vegetation removal and service location around the Bulla Road intersection began in March 2017.

Works on the Bulla Road Bridge commenced in June 2017 with piling and service relocation.  These works will be followed by road works on and around the bridge itself, to form the new outbound entry ramp from the Bulla Road intersection.

We will then start working underneath the bridge within the freeway corridor to dig out the new separated road.

Improvements to your safety

While the safety of both pedestrians and drivers will be improved through this project, we would like to remind all local residents that until the completion of works, the closest pedestrian crossing of Bulla Road is located near the intersection of Royal Avenue and Bulla Road.

Where possible, we undertake works during the day to minimise the construction impacts on the community. However, to safely perform works on the bridge and ramps, we require lanes and ramp closures, which can only occur at night to minimise impacts to drivers. Reduced speed limits are also in place during this time.

When will the new road open?

Work is due to be complete by mid 2018


If you have any questions about what's happening at Bulla Road, please contact us on 1300 783 947 (select option 2) or citylinktullawidening@roads.vic.gov.au.