Calder Freeway ramp signals

Photo of ramp meter signals controlling the flow of traffic onto the freeway

We are installing a freeway management system, including overhead electronic signs, ramp signals and variable message signs, to better manage traffic flow on the Tullamarine Freeway.

As a large volume of traffic on the southern part of the Tullamarine Freeway comes from the Calder Freeway, we are also installing ramp signals at seven inbound entry ramps on the Calder Freeway between Kings Road in Keilor North and the Tulla Calder interchange,

These ramps include:

  • Kings Road
  • Melton Highway
  • Green Gully Road
  • Keilor Park Drive
  • M80 Ring Road
  • Moorna Drive
  • McNamara Avenue.

New inbound ramp signal locations on Calder Freeway

Location of the Calder Freeway's new ramp signals.

To install the ramp signals, we do need to widen some of the ramps including at Green Gully Road, Melton Highway, M80 Ring Road and Moorna Drive.

Project benefits

Ramp signals improve freeway traffic flow by carefully managing the number of vehicles entering the freeway to make merging easier, remove stop-start conditions and reduce congestion around entry ramps.

The ramp signals operate like traffic lights, but the light is only green for a short period of time, so that one car per lane is allowed through at a time. They will only operate when the road is busy or an incident has occurred, to manage the number of cars entering the freeway.

Project status

Work including placement of safety barriers and temporary yellow line marking at the Kings Road entry ramp has started and will continue progressively on other ramps.


If you have any questions about this detour then contact us on 1300 783 947 (select option 2) or ctwairporttobulla@lendlease.com.