Managing disruption during construction

If you live near CityLink or the Tullamarine Freeway then you'll naturally be concerned about how our activities affect you and your family. 

We obviously want to minimise our impact on our neighbours. Here's what we are doing about dust, dirt and construction noise.

Dust and dirt

Construction work generates dust and dirt. To reduce the impact as much as possible, we are taking the following steps:

  • watering earthworks, especially on hot and windy days
  • covering truck loads and stockpiles
  • planning earthworks for days with the best wind conditions
  • reducing the speed of construction vehicles 
  • using crushed rock for long-term haulage routes
  • seeding topsoil stockpiles.

We are using recycled water wherever possible.

Construction noise 

Noise is understandably a key issue for those living, or using community facilities, near the construction sites. 

Whilst construction noise will vary with the activities taking place, we are reducing noise as much as possible by:

  • scheduling noisy activities within normal working hours where possible 
  • ensuring machinery it is running efficiently
  • using quieter reversing alarms 
  • arranging loading activities to avoid reversing
  • locating site buildings, access roads and plant to reduce impact on our neighbours.

We do need to carry out some construction at night and on weekends. When this happens, we are:  

  • scheduling noisy works for the earlier part of the evening
  • using the quietest machinery and construction method.

We appreciate that night works, particularly over an extended period, can be disruptive.

We are notifying affected residents well in advance about upcoming work. We are providing direct updates via letterbox drops and door-knocks. We also run information sessions and local pop-ups.

We are also be in regular contact with councils and local interest groups.

You can also stay informed by:

  • regularly checking this website
  • following #CTWidening on Twitter 


if you have any questions then contact us on 1300 783 947 or citylinktullawidening@roads.vic.gov.au.