Changes to tolls on CityLink

We are not installing any new toll points as part of this project. The calculation of tolls for some vehicles will, however, change from April 2017.

Different tolls apply to different vehicles according to their physical attributes, such as size, seating capacity, construction design and weight/mass. Tolls do not vary if vehicles are used for commercial or personal trips.

Find out more about vehicles classes on the CityLink website.

Light commercial vehicles

A light commercial vehicle (LCV) is any rigid vehicle with two axles and a cab chassis construction. LCVs have a gross vehicle mass (GVM) between 1.5 tonnes and 4.5 tonnes.

From April 2017, the trip cap for LCVs will increase to 1.6 times the car trip cap.

Section tolls will not change.

Heavy commercial vehicles

Heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) includes:

  • vehicles with two axles, a cab chassis construction and a GVM over 4.5 tonnes
  • vehicles with more than two axles, a cab chassis construction and a GVM over 1.5 tonnes
  • trucks seating more than 12 passengers.

From April 2017, the daytime HCV trip cap will be 3 times the car trip cap. For night-time trips the cap will be 2 times the car trip cap.

Section tolls will change to 3 times the car toll during the day and 2 times for night-time trips.


These changes bring CityLink tolls in line with national tolling. They also reflect the increased maintenance requirements from carrying high volumes of heavy vehicles.

These changes do not apply to vehicles classified as cars or motorcycles. The existing arrangements for increases to tolls for these vehicles remains unchanged but has been extended to October 2016.

The State Government has also extended Transurban's operation of CityLink by a year. It will now end in January 2035.


If you have any questions about tolling please contact CityLink on 13 26 29.