New separated road to Bell Street

We are building a separate two-lane road from the Calder-Tulla interchange to Bell Street. This will remove the need for freeway traffic to weave across to the Bell Street exit.

This section of the CityLink Tullamarine Freeway is the most heavily trafficked section of the freeway, carrying 210,000 vehicles per day.

The new separated road will help improve freeway traffic flow and safety by separating Bell Street traffic from general freeway traffic.

As works enter the final stages, we need to make a small change to how Bulla Road drivers heading towards the city access CityLink and Bell Street.

Here's what's changing at Bulla Road entry ramp from 3 May:

  • Drivers travelling to the city will travel on the new separated road for around 2km before joining onto CityLink just after Pascoe Vale Road.
  • Drivers can also use the new separated road to gain direct access to Bell Street.

Drivers need to be alert and aware of changed traffic conditions including reduced speed limits during ongoing night time road works.

This map shows how city-bound drivers from Bulla Road will access CityLink and Bell Street:

Map showing diversion of traffic using the Bulla Road inbound entry ramp onto the Bell Street exit ramp 


Drivers already travelling on the freeway, wanting to exit at Bell Street, will continue to do so via the existing ramp until mid-2017.

From mid-2017 when the works are complete, freeway drivers wanting to exit at Bell Street will need to exit a little earlier – just before the Calder/Tullamarine interchange – and join the separated road to Bell Street.

There will be plenty of on-road signage in place to remind drivers where to exit.

How will it work?

Diagram showing the new 2-lane separated road to Bell Street running parallel to the Tullamarine Freeway

The separated Bell Street road will remove many of the weaving and merging movements.

This diagram illustrates how the separated road will look and work:

  1. Drivers heading to Bell Street or Bulla Road exit the freeway earlier.
  2. Bell Street traffic travels on a separate road which runs under the Bulla Road bridge.
  3. From Bulla Road, drivers can choose to join the freeway or take the separated road to Bell Street.
  4. Reduced weaving and merging on the freeway will improve traffic flow through this area.

Why are improvements needed?

There are six conflicting movements on the approach to Bell Street. They occur at different speeds and all within a short distance:

  1. from the Calder Freeway to Bell Street
  2. from the Calder Freeway to CityLink
  3. from the Tullamarine Freeway to Bell Street
  4. from the Tullamarine Freeway to CityLink
  5. from Bulla Road to Bell Street
  6. from Bulla Road to CityLink.

These movements cause congestion and safety issues, especially at peak times.

Keeping drivers informed

We are advertising all major work in advance. Details of all traffic impacts are posted on this website and on the @citylinkmelb and @vicroads Twitter accounts. You can also follow us on Instagram @ctwidening.

On-road signage will advise motorists of recommended alternative routes and real-time traffic information where available.

Fact sheets


If you have any questions about the separated road to Bell Street then contact us on 1300 783 947 (select option 1) or ctwbullatopower@cpbcon.com.au.