New exits to Bell Street

We've built a separate two-lane road from the Calder-Tulla interchange to Bell Street.

If you want to access Bell Street from the Calder or Tullamarine Freeways, you'll need to take new, earlier exits.

From the Tullamarine Freeway

Image showing Tullamarine Freeway and location of new combined Bell Street and Bulla Road exit

From the Calder Freeway

Image showing Calder Freeway and the location of the new Bell Street exit

How it works

  • If you're travelling towards the city on the Tullamarine Freeway and looking to access Bell Street, you must take the Bulla Road exit, and then use the right lane to join the new road.
  • If you're travelling towards the city from the Calder Freeway and looking to access Bell Street, you must take a new, earlier exit at the Calder-Tulla interchange.
  • If you use the Bulla Road entry ramp at DFO, you can merge left to continue to Bell Street, or stay on the entry ramp to enter CityLink

On-road signage will help guide you to the earlier Bell Street exits. Drivers are reminded to stay alert and choose their lane early.

The existing inbound Bell Street exit on the Tullamarine Freeway is permanently closed. The new, earlier exits are the last opportunity to exit before entering CityLink.

Improving your journey

Moving Bell Street traffic onto the separated lanes is an important part of the upgrades we’ve made to this section of the road. It eliminates the need for freeway drivers to merge across several lanes of fast-moving traffic on the Tullamarine Freeway to exit at Bell Street.


If you have any questions about the new Bell Street exits then contact us on 1300 783 947 or citylinktullawidening@roads.vic.gov.au.