Flemington Road interchange upgrade

We're upgrading the Flemington Road/Mount Alexander Road interchange to improve safety and keep traffic flowing through this busy intersection.

Our crews have made a number of changes to this complex and busy interchange to help make it safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

What the upgrades involve

  • Construction of a new two-lane bridge connecting Mount Alexander Road to Flemington Road, doubling capacity to help ease congestion for trips towards the city.
  • Two new lanes on the Flemington Road exit ramp that opened in February 2017, increasing the number of lanes from three to five, which will help reduce queuing back onto the freeway.
  • Creating a safer intersection, with access from Lennon Street to Boundary Road removed in February 2017. Drivers can turn left from Lennon Street onto Flemington Road, however they will need to use alternative routes to access Boundary Road.
  • Improved pedestrian and cycle access throughout the interchange, with a new shared-use path on the Mount Alexander Road bridge.
  • Traffic signalling enhancements throughout the interchange to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

On 23 June 2017, the interchange opened in its final design with all lanes on Mount Alexander Road opening to traffic.

Drivers and cyclists on Mount Alexander Road will notice:

  • Drivers heading towards the Flemington Road interchange will see the work site has been removed and all four lanes have opened to traffic.
  • The new on-road bike path, connecting the shared-use path on Mount Alexander Road to Flemington Road, is now open to give cyclists a safer and smoother ride towards the city.

This map shows how Mount Alexander and Flemington Road drivers and cyclists will travel through the upgraded interchange:

Map showing new layout of Flemington Road interchange and routes for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Download a print-friendly version of this map PDF, 304.3 KB.

On-road signage will help guide drivers, cyclists and pedestrians safely through the new interchange. Drivers are reminded to choose their lane early when travelling through the interchange.

How it works

  • Drivers heading towards the eastern suburbs from Mount Alexander Road will stay in the left lane and use the two-lane bridge to travel through the interchange and access Elliott Avenue.
  • Drivers travelling to the city will stay in the right lanes and join Flemington Road, or use the right-hand slip lane to access Boundary Road.
  • Drivers exiting CityLink onto Flemington Road heading towards the city are reminded to choose their destination early, using the right lanes for Boundary Road and inner Flemington Road lanes, and the left lanes for Church Street, Elliott Avenue and outer Flemington Road lanes.

Why are improvements needed?

This critical section of the road network is no longer able to cope with the high volumes of traffic that pass through it each day. 

Merging and weaving

With so many drivers needing to merge within a very short distance on Flemington Road, safety and congestion problems are common. It can be difficult for drivers to change lanes in this section which is essential to get to certain destinations. 

There have been 12 crashes in this section of the road network in the last six years, and in 2015 alone, three people were seriously injured. 

This intersection upgrade will separate and control traffic movements to reduce the merging and weaving that causes safety and congestion problems.

Freeway queuing

During peak travel times, traffic on the CityLink Flemington Road exit ramp queues back onto the freeway almost every morning. Fast-moving traffic passing by slow or stationary cars can be a safety concern. This congestion also has a flow-on effect, causing delays right back along the freeway.

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If you have any questions about what's happening at Mount Alexander Road and Flemington Road, contact us on 1300 783 947 (select option 1) or ctwbullatopower@cpbcon.com.au.