About the project

The CityLink Tulla Widening project has added extra lanes to 24kms of the Tullamarine Freeway in each direction between the Bolte Bridge and Melbourne Airport. It has also made changes to key interchanges.

What's happening?

As well as general widening works, we have made changes to a number of interchanges on CityLink and the Tullamarine Freeway. We are also installing a new freeway management system on CityLink and the Calder and Tullamarine Freeways.

Calder Freeway

New ramp signals on inbound entry ramps

We have installed ramp signals at seven inbound entry ramps on the Calder Freeway. We've also widened some of the ramps. Find out more about what we've done on the Calder Freeway.

CityLink / Tullamarine Freeway

Mickleham Road interchange

We have added dedicated lanes from the Tullamarine Freeway to the M80 Ring Road, and Mickleham Road to the M80 Ring Road. We have also added an extra lane for those entering the Tullamarine Freeway city-bound from Mickleham Road. Find out more about the upgrades to the Mickleham Road interchange

Replacing the English Street bridge

We have rebuilt the English Street bridge to cater for the widened Tullamarine Freeway and to improve access to Essendon Fields. Find out more about the English Street upgrade

Building a new dedicated exit to English Street

We’ve built a new dedicated exit for northbound traffic to access Essendon Fields and Airport West via English Street. The new exit begins at Bulla Road, 2.3km earlier than the previous exit.  Find out more about the new dedicated exit to English Street.

Creating earlier exits to Bell Street

We’ve built a separate two-lane road from the Calder-Tulla interchange to Bell Street to help reduce weaving. Find out about the new earlier exits to Bell Street.

Improving the Bell Street interchange

We've built a new bridge that connects Bell Street to Pascoe Vale Road.  Find out more about the upgrades to the Bell Street interchange.